The greatest conversations about politics take place in times of crisis.

In Ancient Athens, as democracy slid into tyranny, a handful of individuals gathered to discuss their situation. That conversation makes up Plato’s Republic, and forever changed the way we think about politics.

We live in times that call for a similar conversation. Rapid changes in technology and society allow the world to speak together to an unprecedented degree, but also create challenges on a global scale. Climate change, superficial mass culture, and the tension between nationalism and internationalism call for new ideas, while age-old problems such as the clash between democracy and tyranny are magnified and transformed from local to global issues.

Political Animal is a place for serious discussion that responds to these challenges.

Our goal is to deepen the conversation about politics, by showcasing genuinely diverse viewpoints in a style that fuses scholarly insight with popular accessibility. We use the internet to bring together voices from multiple disciplines, backgrounds, and outlooks. We are non-partisan and interdisciplinary, and provide a platform for work from a wide variety fields, ideological viewpoints, and theoretical approaches.

At Political Animal, we believe that we are most ourselves when discussing politics in the broad sense of the term. This conversation is always needed, but never more so than now.

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