19 06, 2019

Finding Truth: Thinking Critically Through the Campaigns

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Knowing whether our beliefs are true or false is a question of the greatest difficulty—in democratic elections it can mean the difference between war and peace. Here is a theory of truth, along with eight concrete and practical ways to cut through the bullshit and understand political language better.

23 05, 2019

Three Fundamental Principles in Trump’s American Foreign Policy

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Trump’s principles have reshaped the American foreign policy matrix. However, the foreign policy focus of US presidents in their first terms is not always the foreign policy focus at the end of their second terms.

7 03, 2019

The Tradition in Traditional Masculinity

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Pinker points to both the origin and function of a code of conduct that became the Western view of masculinity. ... the biological realities of the male species could be best and most productively served through the attainment and development of specific virtues. 

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