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9 11, 2018

Lady Gaga and Moral Reasoning

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Lady Gaga rightly encourages us to respect and accept all people, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. But at this juncture Lady Gaga's thinking become problematic. Respecting and accepting all people doesn’t automatically also mean that we should accept and affirm all the behaviours of all people.

28 09, 2018

On the Strange Agreement Between Artists and Trump Administration: Doubts About the International Criminal Court

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Art of Politics, Politics of Art, A Series By: Jeanette Joy Harris In this series, Jeanette Joy Harris looks at how artists

9 02, 2018

“To Art Its Freedom”: Right-Wing Arts Policy in the New Austria

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Art can be a challenge to power, or be power’s instrument. Sometimes it can even end up being both. This last is what happened recently in Austria, where a new, right-wing government has adopted the motto of an art movement that formed in Vienna in 1897, precisely in opposition to conservative leadership.